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Vodafone UK wants to give another 100 rural community ‘hot-spots’ access to reliable 3G indoor mobile coverage for the first timeFollowing on from its successful Rural Open Sure Signal programme, which has brought 3G coverage to more than 80 villages across the UK, Vodafone launched its Community Indoor Sure Signal (CISS) programme earlier in the summer.  We are now looking for your help to encourage more communities to put themselves forward and apply for the programme – and enjoy the benefits  that The Bear and Ragged Staff in Bransford, near Worcester is already enjoying     


In rural and remote locations, supplying mobile coverage by traditional means can be difficult. This may be due to geography of the area, or difficulties with siting masts in places such as national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty.  This means many people in smaller, rural communities may not be due to receive upgraded coverage in their area for some time. 

What is CISS?

Our Community Indoor Sure Signal programme uses ‘femtocell’ technology called Sure Signal Plus.  The units are similar in size to a broadband router. They simply plug into an existing broadband router and a power source to provide mobile coverage throughout the building. Units are completely free to install and use, we only ask that the landlord is happy to cover the electricity costs.


The unit is no bigger than your broadband router.

Who could benefit?

Anyone who lives in or manages any of the following hubs, in the communities with whom you work and in which you live, could benefit their local friends and neighbours by installing on of these discreet and very low power units:

•              Rural pubs and shops

•              Village halls or social clubs

•              Visitor centres

•              Sports clubs

•              Scout huts

•              Doctor/vet’s surgeries

All applicants need is:

·         an unlimited broadband package

·         download speeds of at least 4Mbps

·         upload speeds of 2Mbps

·         a domestic plug-in power point 

Applications must be made by the broadband bill payer.

Want to know more? Further information and application details are available at vodafone.uk/CISS



Are you interested in becoming a member of a local Community Speed Watch Group?

If so please click here for details. 

____________________________________________________________ Meetings of the Community Council:

  Meetings of the Community Council are held The Edwin Hall Council Chamber, Brookes Avenue Community Centre, Broughton

Dates for meetings can be viewed on the Community Council, Meeting Agenda and Minutes page. 

An invitation is extended to the Press and Members of the Public to attend.

 Chair and Vice Chair of Council 2017/2018

Councillor Keith Rogers was elected Chair of Broughton & Bretton Community Council for 2017/2018 at the Council's AGM on 16 May 2017.
His Vice Chair is Councillor Derek Butler.


                          AIRBUS MEMORY CAFE 

A Dementia Cafe is a chance for people with dementia and their carers to get together socially in an informal environment. We run a range of activities aiming to keep people active whilst promoting 'living well with dementia'

For further information contact Donna Redgrave on
             01352 700453/077150277662

         Email: donna.redgrave@alzheimers.org.uk



  • The Council has replaced the Multi-Play toddler unit at Brookes Avenue Play Area and installed a mini basket swing at a cost of £17,000. The equipment was supplied by Play & Leisure Ltd, Buckley.
  • Broughton and Bretton Community Council's precept for 2016/2017 is £103,000. 
  • Broughton and Bretton Community Council's budget for 2015/2016 is £168,266   
  • The Council will be sponsoring the 2016 Summer Playschemes  held at Brookes Avenue Playing Fields and Broughton Junior School. 
  • The Council awarded the following grants during 2014/2015:- 

          Welsh Border Community Transport £1,433.
          Broughton & Bretton Community Centre £1,250
          Broughton War Memorial Institute £1,250
          Citizen Advice Bureau £100
          Broughton Twinning Association £500
          1st Broughton Rainbows £200
          Friends of Cornist (Triffordd) £200
          Broughton Senior Citizens £200
          Bretton Residents Action Group £100

  • The Council provided a loan of £4,000 for improvements to the Broughton & Bretton Community Centre
  • The Council has provided a loan of £5,000 to Airbus FC to assist the installation of a new 3G pitch.
  • Mr Ryan McKeown was co-opted as a Member of the Council on 30 October 2014
  • Mrs P Brett Roberts was co-opted as a Member of the Council in November 2014  
  • The Council has spent £10,000 to install additional items of play equipment at the Country Park ,including an Aero Whirl, a play boat and a crawl tunnel.

The Broughton Graffiti project funded by the North Wales Police and Community Trust has undertaken a project to depict Broughton today and yesteryear in exciting graffiti artform on the walls of the Broughton Hall Road underpass. 

The project was co-ordinated by PCSO Jason Knowles and led by Andy Brian with assistance from many residents of the village