Broughton and Bretton Gardening Club

 Broughton and Bretton Gardening Club provides a social centre where members can gain or enhance their knowledge of gardening by contact with other members and visiting experts covering the many different aspects of gardening.

For further information please contact Mr Allan Guilfoyle, Tel: 01244 534103

W.R.V.S ( Womens Royal Voluntary Service)

They meet the first Tuesday of each month between 14:00 - 16:00 in the School Room (behind Bretton Chapel). The W.R.V.S provides social contact for the elderly.

Contact - Mrs J Chaloner, "Silverlea", Bretton Lane, Bretton, CH4 0DX 

Broughton and Bretton Senior Citizen's Club

They meet evey Wednesday 14:00 - 16:00 at Broughton War Memorial Institute, Main Road, Broughton. The Senior Citizen's Club provides a meeting place for elderly people to just chat or play games such as dominoes, cards and bingo. They also organise various outings.

Contact - Mrs Lilian Dutton, 30 Herons Close, Broughton CH4 0RL
Tel: 01244 531776

Broughton and Bretton Old People's Welfare

They meet every Wednesday evening at 19:30 at Broughton Memorial Institute, Main Road, Broughton. The Broughton and Bretton Old People's Welfare hold weekly whist drives, occasional bingo and various other forms of entertainment. They also help out generally with lifts, visiting etc.

Contact - Mrs E James, 19 Greenfield Road, Broughton, CH4 0RG
Tel: 01244 535329 

Broughton and Bretton Allotments Association

The list for Allotments is now closed. However there is a post box at the gate to the Allotments if you wish to make an enquiry and you leave your details a member of the Committee will contact you.

Aims of the Association

  • To provide a safe environment for residents of Flintshire to grow their own fruit and vegetables, thus supporting the national guidelines on healthy eating and regular exercise.
  • To act as an enabler for families to pass on the educational and developmental aspects of cultivation as well as the health benefits (both physical and mental) to future generations.
  • To promote a sense of community with the sharing of information, knowledge and ideas so that each allotment holder is able to achieve an attractive, healthy and productive leisure garden.
  • To minimise the impact on the wider environment by avoiding the use of materials from non-renewable resources, recycling where possible and keeping the use of pesticides to a minimum.  
St Mary's Mothers Union

They meet the first Monday of each month at 19:00 in the Church. The Mothers Union is a registered charity which aims to encourage, strengthen and support marriage and family life.

Contact - Miss Mary E Plant, 25 Larne Drive, Broughton CH4 0QF
Tel: 01244 535489 

Broughton Amateur Dramatic Group (B.A.D.G)

They meet every Wednesday between 19:30 - 21:30 and every Friday 20:00 - 22:00 at Broughton Junior School, Broughton. The Broughton Amateur Dramatic Group aim to promote drama within the community.

Contact - Mandy Deyes, Highfield House, Buckley
Tel: 0759 8802375  |  Email:  |  Website