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Cyswllt Cymdeithas Gwarchod

 The Association was established in 1987 as Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association a crime prevention charity which promotes for the benefit of the public, good citizenship, community safety & greater public participation, in the prevention & detection of crime. Promoting public support for the work of the Police service & other Partners, in the protection of people & property from, & prevention of crime.

To register for Neighbourhood, School, No Cold calling WATCH Schemes (for support of people who are older and those who are more vulnerable) Community Centre, Park, Shop, Business, Farm, Equine, Allotments, Dog Watch/Paws on Patrol & more - contact us direct on telephone 01352 708118 or send an email to watch@owlcyrmu.org or if you wish only to receive the Crime and Community Safety alerts from us visit our website



A Board of Trustees are the Governing Board that comprises of local representatives from Rural & Urban communities that runs the Association. President of the Association is RT Hon Lord Barry Jones and Chief Officer is Mrs Denise Edwards

The Association works closely with Community Safety Partners which include the Local Authority, Police, Fire service & other Third Sector Organisations.

Our service delivery complements and supports the Police & Crime Plan, as well as the crime reduction plans of Local Authorities, the Welsh Government & Home Office. The Association strives to help people to be safe & secure in their homes & environments that embrace diversity, race, faith and spans generations. We particularly support vulnerable & older people & groups as diverse as disadvantaged neighbourhoods & farming communities, through responding to people's concerns to enable them to feel safe, secure & respected through a number of watch schemes & crime prevention interventions.

Celebrating 30 years the Association has introduced our complimentary Neighbourhood Watch Crime Prevention 'home & personal safety' pack to help people, their family & homes to feel more safe. This is available to people who set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme during our celebration year. It is not available for other types of watch schemes.

Staying safe together - Neighbourhood Watch is one of the biggest & most successful crime prevention initiatives ever, now involving millions of people around the Country. It is based on the simple idea that you & your neighbours can help to prevention, reduce crime & create a better place to live, work & play.

How does a Neighbourhood Watch scheme work?

By being a good neighbour, you can help to make your community more secure. You can do this in many ways, including:

  • Looking out for your neighbours by keeping an eye on those who are older or vulnerable, watching out for your neighbour's homes while they are away & reporting any suspicious activity
  • Receiving OWL crime & safety bulletins about what is happening locally & how you can help, for example look out for stolen property, find missing people, or identify suspects
  • Receiving & sharing crime prevention advice to help keep you & your neighbours safe & your homes & property secure
  • Being a part of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme with your neighbours to work together to keep your street safe


Street Coordinators

Look after a number of homes by welcoming new neighbours, keeping OWL contact details upto date, acting as a point of contact, & pass on message/information to neighbours who may be more vulnerable or who do not have access to emails.

Crime Prevention Shop & Products

Our Crime prevention shop for RFID anti fraud protects, personal safety, home & garden security, safety products for children, safety when out & about, distraction burglary, vehicles, pets.

Crime Watch News Bulletins

To receive the weekly crime watch news bulletins contact watch@owlcymru.org